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A puppet performed motion picture exploring the biological and social constructions of masculinity.

Created over a period of 2 years, Looking for Mars is a 4 part series that investigates how masculinity is defined, how it's created biologically and socially, and how men become men. What makes a man? How are men defined differently in various cultures? How are those definitions similar? How are our gender identities formed, and how are masculine gender identities displayed? These are some of the questions that Looking for Mars hopes to explore using puppetry, animation, and humor investigating the hugely complicated issue of gender and masculinity.

Images are screen shots of Part I

Written, Directed, Created and Edited by Ghalib EL-Khalidi
Narrated by Christopher Kent
Music by Cory Brittain
with the voices of Leonard Jacintho, Terri Bise, and Issac Martinez.
Choreography and dance by Leah Honma and Jessica Dungans.